Relatives Action Committee / National H-Block/Armagh Committee

These are only a portion of the documents we've collected. In time, more will be added, as well as histories and principle players in the Relatives Action Committees, Smash H-Blocks, and National H-Block/Armagh Committee Campaigns. Formatting on some of the pages is nasty, but we'll clean things up soon.

If you have any documents or histories relating to the RACs or H-Block/Armagh Committees, email us details at ehp(at)hungerstrikes(dot)org.

Republican POW letter to RACs (from 22 November 1976)

Clonard Martyrs Cumann (SF) Statement (14 April 1978)

Historical Survey of Political Status Struggle (from 1980)

H-Block/Armagh Broad Front (An Assessment From IRSP)

Peoples Democracy Statement on the National Smash H-Block Campaign

Rules of the Belfast Central Relatives Action Committee

Letter of Support from Divis Community Centre to RACs and prisoner struggle

Obscenity of the H-Blocks (Sunday Press article by Claud Gordon)

What Will Happen When the Protests End (NIO statement from 18 December 1980)

H-Block/Armagh Campaign News Sheet (from February 1981)

Coalisland RAC Letter Call for support for Anti-Repression Conference

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