HUNGER STRIKE COMMEMORATIVE WEB PROJECT: Letter of Support from Divis Community Centre to RACs
Letter of Support from Divis Community Centre to RACs


23th April, 1980

Dear Sir,

The Management Committee of Divis Community Centre would like to place on record its utter disgust and condemnation of the inhuman, barbaric treatment of the beleagured prisoners on the blanket in the H-Block Hell Holes of Long Kesh.

There are, at the moment, ten residents of the Divis Flats/Lower Falls area, suffering the terrible torture of the H-Blocks, and we feel, as representatives of the community, that it is our duty to speak out publicly against this particularly cruel form of British oppression in Ireland.

We would hope that this statement acts as a precedent to all community, social, cultural and political groups in Ireland to voice their condemnation and to call for a successful ending of the plight of our people in the H Blocks and in Armagh Prison in that they are granted what is rightfully theirs as P.O.W.s, Special Status.

Sean Stitt for the Management Committee.

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