Coalisland RAC Letter
Calling for Support of Anti-Repression Conference


Dear Sir/Madam

Coalisland R.A.C. was formed as a result of the torture of a number of persons in the Coalisland area while in custody. The committee itselt comprises elected persons from the families of those in prison, either convicted or on remand, and the families of persons interrogated and subsequently released without charge. Committee membership is also open to one representative of any organisation in our local community, political or non-political. Our aim is to provide a broad-based group which both works for an ending of repression and torture, and provides factual information as to their legal rights and welfare rights to families who find themselves in the unenvieable position of having someone taken into custody.

Because we realise that torture is rampant in many areas in the North, and in a sense the nature of our committee is such that we have no party political axe to grind, no honours to seek, but can appeal to all those who are opposed to the current methods of interrogation and general treatment of those taken into custody, and of convicted prisoners, we have taken the decision to organise an Anti-Repression Conference to be held at the beginning of next year. We enclose a leaflet outlining the nature of the conference.

We do not consider ourselves better equipped or entitled to take this step than others. We have simply taken it on ourselves because of the urgency and extent of the problem to take the initiative in the matter and rely on people such as yourself to help make it a success.

We would appreciate it if you would agree to be a sponsor for the Conference. Sponsorship simply means that we might add your name to a list of sponsors for publication either in your individual capacity or, if possible, on behalf of any organisation, or branch of an organisation to which you belong.

If we might further impose and ask for a donation to help finance the conference it would be most gratefully acknowledged. (All donors will be entitled to inspect our financial balance sheet).

Your presence at the conference would also be most welcome, however when the date is finally decided upon, should it prove inconvenient to attend, a short message of support would be appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Patricia McGrath (Secretary)

(Sponsorship form attached)

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