HUNGER STRIKE COMMEMORATIVE WEB PROJECT: Policy Statement Regarding Public Support of Hunger Strikes
Policy Statement Regarding Public Suppport of Hunger Strikes

We at the Irish Hunger Strike Commemoration Project often receive emails regarding hunger strikes.

We state clearly and explicitly that this site is NOT a "how to" guide.

First and foremost this site is a commemoration of the 1980 and 1981 Irish hunger strikes. Secondary to that, we offer solidarity to political comrades in specific and organised prison struggles, and lastly we offer solidarity to other hunger strike efforts as we become aware of them.

It is our policy to support any prisoner or human rights hunger strikes -- if there is a question as to the progressive nature of the strike, we'll use our judgement to decide which to publicly support.

As there are literally scores of strikes going on at any given time, it is impossible to catch them all, so we rely on emails from visitors to alert us to active strikes. To those who have taken the time to contact us to inform us of ongoing strikes, thank you.

Also, many emails ask us for advice on staging hunger strike protests.

Since we take hunger strikes very seriously, it is our policy to not offer advice, encouragement or instruction to those thinking about engaging in a hunger strike. Because we have never personally gone through extended strikes ourselves, and because we recognise the discipline and commitment required to sustain a strike, and because we have lives beyond this website, we will not help organise strikes for you or your group.

If you are considering a hunger strike, consider the very real and very dangerous health implications, and do not do it on a whim -- there is a very good likelihood that you will not go through with it, you will waste our time and hurt your cause by backing out of an ill-conceived and un-organised strike.

If there any questions as to our stated policy, please feel free to email us at