Hunger Strike Documents: More Join Hunger Strike
More Join Hunger Strike
An Camchéacta/The Starry Plough, June 1981

Following the death of the hunger strikers, four more hunger strikers have taken their place. They are:


Joe is from Belfast as is married with two children. He is a former internee, having been interned in the Maidstone and on Long Kesh. In October 1976, he was arrested along with Bobby Sands He began hunger strike on May 8th.


Kieran is from Andersonstown Belfast.

After spending seventeen months on remand, he was sentenced to twenty-two years imprisonment. He immediately joined the H-Block protest and went on hunger strike on May 21st, following he death of Ray Mc Creesh.


Kevin is a member of the Irish National Liberation Army. He began his hunger strike following the death of Patsy O'Hara.

After a year on remand in Crumlin Road, he was sentenced to ten years imprisonment in December 1977. He joined the blanket protest immediately, and began his hunger strike on May 23rd.


Like Kieran and Joe, Martin is a member of the Provisional Republican Movement. He is from Cappagh, County Tyrone.

He was arrested in a raid on his home in November 1976.

In November 1977 he joined the H-Block protest. Following a re-trial in September he was sentenced to 20 years. He joined the hunger strike on May 29th having replaced Francis Hughes.


A fifth prisoner has joined the hunger strike.