The ten who died on hungerstrike:

Bobby Sands, IRA
(Began Strike on March 1st; died May 5th, 1981)

Francis Hughes, IRA
(Began Strike on March 15th; died May 12th, 1981)

Patsy O'Hara, INLA
(Began Strike on March 22nd; died May 21st)

Raymond McCreesh, IRA
(Began Strike on March 22nd; died May 21st)

Joe McDonnell, IRA
(Began Strike on May 9th; died July 8th)

Kieran Doherty, IRA
(Began Strike on May 22nd; died August 2nd)

Kevin Lynch, INLA
(Began Strike on May 23rd; died August 1st)

Martin Hurson, IRA
(Began Strike on May 29th; died July 13th, 1981)

Tom McElwee, IRA
(Began Strike on June 8th; died August 8th)

Micky Devine, INLA
(Began Strike on June 22nd; died August 20th)

First photo in each set are the commonly-recognised pictures; the second (low-res, poor-quality) photo in each set come from a recently-released prison-era photo montage.

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